GREY Pattern Hijab
GREY Pattern Hijab
GREY Pattern Hijab
GREY Pattern Hijab

GREY Pattern Hijab

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These hijabs are premium quality material; this scarf has a very soft and comfortable touch. The breathable and non-slip fabric makes this headscarf is literally a perfect choice for everyone. The lightweight scarf is not only easy to carry but also convenient to wear in different styles. No matter how many times you wash it, this scarf hijab will not lose its quality and class.

The premium quality wrinkle-free headscarf will give you a unique and elegant look. Wrap it on your head in any style, and you will shine out wherever you go.

  • Premium Quality: This elegant scarf is a premium quality soft material. The stretchable and wrinkle resistant material helps you to style your scarf in any way you want.
  • Comfortable Material: Our hijabs are smooth and non-slip material that will not burden your head. You can quickly wear this lightweight hijab all day without feeling like you are wearing anything over your head.
  • Convenient to Style: The soft, non-slip and flexible material helps you to style it conveniently. Style your headscarf in the desired look within a few minutes, and you are all ready to go. These are the most amazing hijabs for any outfit because they have different elegant designs on them. 
  • Versatile Outlook: This elegant hijab has the perfect size and material to give you a new look each day. Elegantly style your outlook with this headscarf and get a balanced look between being comfy and looking stylish. Hijab styles for everyone and every taste!

 Wash and Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash or wash on the lowest setting.
  • We recommend that you hang your hijabs to dry.
  • You can iron chiffon hijabs on the lowest setting.
  • Remove little or minor stains as soon as possible.
  • Store them neatly with a lovely tie organizer. 

Please note that the colour displayed in the picture could be slightly different due to various factors. We do not guarantee a true colour match. 

Hijab Fabric Guide

Knowing about diverse sort of hijab Canada materials can assist you with choosing the best matching hijab style that fits you the most. We will present all of you sort of online hijab fabrics from lightweight and transparent summer fashionable hijabs to thick and warm winter hijabs. Luckily practically all the mentioned sort of hijabs is accessible at the hijab online Canada store and you can order and try out the ones you like.

1. Chiffon

These are available in premium chiffon and pleated chiffon.

The chiffon material is best to wear on occasions with evening dresses or special outfits. Underscarves may be needed for this type of hijab and we recommend that you match the hijab with the same color of under scarf.

You will need a nice looking hijab pin for chiffon hijabs and it looks even better when it is decorated with a crystal or a pearl. The advantages of this material are that it is extremely light, luxurious and it has a silky texture. Another benefit of our hijabs is that they are non-slip, so you don't need to constantly adjust it.

2. Cotton 

This comes in two kinds, the premium cotton, and the ripple cotton. The ripple cotton has a softer material and it feels different. The cotton premium is much a luxurious collection and can be worn on any occasion. 

It has a more professional and everyday feel.  Stretchy but still gives some volume to the head. This fabric gives elegance to the hijab and it is non-slip. The premium cotton hijab is perfect for everyday wear. 

3. Viscose  

Our superior viscose is made of rayon and feels beautifully soft to the touch. Our superior quality viscose will not get ruined after washing. Fold and put away immediately after use to avoid wrinkling. This is made from 100% Rayon and you can style it with or without an underscarf. Viscose hijabs are so simple and plain - perfect for any event!

4. Jersey 

Jersey Hijabs Canada is the most comfy Hijab fabric. it is a lightweight and stretchable fabric that stays on the head without Pins. The level of comfort it gives not just leaves us needing more of it. It is suitable for all seasons. It functions admirably in warmer climates as it absorbs sweat effectively and is durable to protect us in winter.

5. Underscarf 

Our underscarves are made of a beautifully soft, breathable material with built-in skincare benefits such as sun protection. These are available in black. 

6. Satin Hijabs

Headed for a glitzy night out? At that point, choose a satin hijab for that lush touch. Satin catches as well as reflects light from various locations, so maintain a strategic distance from cheap-looking satin materials. Plain or printed, you could never turn out badly with satin fashionable hijabs. In case you are a satin newbie then start with the dark hues and gradually advance toward the lighter shades as you gain confidence.

7. Crepe Hijabs

As composed, this perfect fabric is a blend of cotton and crepe. It is a nearby material to jersey however somewhat heavy. Stretchy yet at the same time gives some volume to the head. This fabric offers elegance to any hijab style.

8. Viscose Hijabs

Do you often go over maxi hijabs in the market? That is the thing that viscose hijabs closely resembles. The lightweight material makes it ideal for voluminous styles as it doesn't give a stuffy feeling when folded over your head. It is additionally moderate when contrasted with different kinds of fabric, thus having viscose hijabs in an assortment of hues won't hurt your pocket. The lightweight material is ideal for weather, from warmer days to cooler nights.

9. Linen Hijabs 

Linen scarf gives coolness around your neck, on account of the weave and linen fiber, which permits more airflow and its formation implies it avoids your skin permitting better airflow over your body, making the body moisture free. Linen is a inflexible fabric and is more reluctant to fix to the skin; when it vapors away, it rapidly dries out and becomes cool again. Your Linen hijab feels cool to the touch and linen fabric will rapidly expel perspiration from your skin. Linen is capable of absorbing moisture before rapidly yielding it again.

10. Rayon Hijabs 

These hijabs are slightly different and have vertical lines on them. These hijabs are so soft and perfect for any occasion. Rayon hijabs have such a beautiful texture and material!

You can get Hijabs Canada from online hijab stores and wear them with your dresses.

Here's a free guide to help you find the perfect hijab for your outfit, occasion or event. 

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide that can answer all your questions about hijabs? We have written this comprehensive guide about hijabs just for you!


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