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Change in prices

I had a great experience however i wabted to order the same jersey hijabs in different colors but the price has increased. Usually change in price is when it is being reduced, not increased.

Super light, perfect for long days

Love wearing this jersey hijab for my long 9 hour work days. It’s so comfortable and this colour goes with literally every outfit

Love the jersey hijabs

They work

These are very strong magnets. They do the trick. I bought mine for a wrap around shawl that flies open.

Hijab Pins

I really loved the pins and they are so useful! The only suggestion I'd make is that they are a little large, but they still look good.

Magnetic Hijab Pins

I love the magnetic hijab pins! they're are quite strong, and hold the hijab in place regardless of how windy it may be. The price is quite reasonable as well. Definitely will be making another purchase in the future :)

Lovely fabric

Great hijab


My navy blue jersey hijab is so comfortable and versatile. The size is perfect for the styles I wear and I get the coverage I prefer without being weighed down.

Amazing magnetic pins for hijab

I really really loved it, it’s not even too expensive whereas other shops keep it too expensive…
And it’s really nice magnet it sticks faster and it’s a really good quality! I’ve purchased 3 more💕


Comfortable to wear and beautiful colours.i hope they make them longer too

RED Pleated Chiffon
Hodman Hashi

needs a little more styles

Amazing Soft Material

The scarf itself is delicate and has a comfortable soft material. It is lightweight and fairly easy to put on without needing any pins or magnets. It is perfectly designed for workplace environments and is designed for anywhere on the go. I personally enjoy wearing this jersey hijab and absolutely love it!

CAMEL Premium Chiffon
Wafa Sarguroh
Love it!

The hijab is extremely lightweight but easily stays on and I love the colour.

Hijab Pins (Box of 8)
Wafa Sarguroh
Love It!

I love the hijab bins and the colours are beautiful.

BLUISH Premium Jersey
Salma Chouaya

BLUISH Premium Jersey

really beautiful and feels amazing!


Love it and it comes with a cute tiny bag for packaging

SILVER Magnetic Hijab Pins

MUSTARD Premium Chiffon

MAUVE Premium Chiffon


I chose the Bluish Premium Jersey for my first purchase and I couldn't be happier with it! It's so soft, drapes beautifully, and that muted blue is exactly what I've been searching for. I love the size, so easy to wear, probably my favourite hijab ever. I look forward to many future purchases!

Great quality, love the fabric!

Magnetic Hijab Pins: Black, Rose Gold & Silver [Variety 3-Pack]


It was my first time to order from your website, delivery was very fast. products are very quality

Magnetic Pin MUST HAVES!!

I recently purchased magnetic pins to replace the pins that can potentially cause harm, and these are real deal! I love how it stays place forever and the force of the pin is very strong that I was surprised by it. Overall, they work great for my hijabs and good quality too!