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BEIGE Solid Viscose
BEIGE Solid Viscose

BEIGE Solid Viscose


Welcome to Hijabs&More and our beautiful and bold viscose collection. 

Viscose is a fantastic material for a hijab because it is neither natural nor synthetic, and it falls somewhere in between. It is a slightly stretchier material, and it is different from chiffon, cotton or jersey material. 

Get non-slip hijabs that are very easy to set. These are great when you are looking for a beautiful woven scarf look. These hijabs have a similar material as you can find at other more prominent brands and big retailers. Our headscarves are the best quality, and you can wash them as many times as you want and still not get worn out or lose colour.

The difference between our hijabs and bigger brand hijabs are that our headscarves are made to wear on the head and they are easily washable.

We bring you the boldest and most beautiful colours to match all your outfits. Our goal is to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable when you wear our hijabs. 

This beautiful viscose hijab comes in Beige, and it is great for all outfits.