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GOLD Pattern Hijab
GOLD Pattern Hijab
GOLD Pattern Hijab
GOLD Pattern Hijab
GOLD Pattern Hijab
GOLD Pattern Hijab

GOLD Pattern Hijab


These hijabs are premium chiffon material; this scarf has the very soft, high quality and comfortable touch. The breathable and non-slip fabric makes this headscarf is literally a perfect choice for everyone.

These chiffon hijabs have beautiful designs and go well with any outfit because of their subtle and beautiful patterns. 

The premium quality wrinkle-free headscarf will give you a unique and elegant look. Wrap it on your head in any style, and you will shine out wherever you go.

  • Premium Quality: This elegant scarf is a premium quality soft material. The stretchable and wrinkle-resistant material helps you to style your scarf in any way you want.
  • Comfortable Material: Our hijabs are smooth and non-slip material that will not burden your head. You can quickly wear this lightweight hijab all day without feeling like you are wearing anything over your head.
  • Convenient to Style: The soft, non-slip and flexible material helps you to style it conveniently. Style your headscarf in the desired look within a few minutes, and you are all ready to go. These are the most amazing hijabs for any outfit because they have different elegant designs on them. 
  • Versatile Outlook: This elegant hijab has the perfect size and material to give you a new look each day. Elegantly style your outlook with this headscarf and get a balanced look between being comfy and looking stylish. Hijab styles for everyone and every taste!
  • Material: Chiffon 
  • Measurement: 185 cm x 70 cm

 Wash and Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash or wash on the lowest setting.
  • We recommend that you hang your hijabs to dry.
  • You can iron chiffon hijabs on the lowest setting.
  • Remove little or minor stains as soon as possible.
  • Store them neatly with a lovely tie organizer.