Tips To Keep Chiffon Hijabs Looking New

Tips To Keep Chiffon Hijabs Looking New

Hijabs made of chiffon have swiftly become one of the most popular textiles. The soft, light-weight, and delicate fabric adds an exquisite touch to any ensemble. However, stain removal from such a sheer fabric has proven challenging, mainly if the hijab is light in colour. 

We've created a list of tips to assist you in caring for your chiffon hijabs and properly eliminating stubborn stains.

Some tips to remember in this regard are:

The premium chiffon hijabs are composed of 100% polyester chiffon fabric. As a result, the procedures outlined below have only been tried on this particular chiffon fabric. However, they may apply to other chiffon textiles.

  • Before cleaning the full hijab, always conduct a test patch.
  • The longer a stain remains on a headscarf, the more it settles in, making removal much more difficult. Clean the stain as soon as possible for the most significant effects.
  • Avoiding a stain is considerably easier than removing it with chiffon hijabs.
  • Hand-washing chiffon hijabs one at a time is highly suggested. This prevents the fragile fabric from being destroyed in the washing machine and makes it easy to target the stains separately.

Tips To Keep Your Chiffon Hijabs Looking New:

Below are some of the best tips to keep your chiffon hijabs looking new,

  • Spot cleaning:

Spot cleaning is ideal for eliminating tiny oil or makeup stains and cleaning quickly.

How to spot clean your chiffon hijabs?

Use an oil-free makeup remover and a gentle dry towel to remove your makeup. Apply some makeup remover to the troublesome areas of your criss-cross underscarves.

Gently massage the problem areas with your towel in one-way hand movements, always using the towel's clean side to avoid further spreading the stain. The discoloration should now be able to be removed from your towel. Allow time for the scarf to air dry. 

  • Hand washing:

Hand washing is a great way to get rid of dirt and odours from your hijab, especially if it's made of delicate materials like chiffon, satin, or silk. Hand cleaning your criss-cross underscarves is also a fantastic method to keep them in good condition.

How to do it?

Fill a large mixing basin halfway with lukewarm water—a couple of splashes of dishwashing liquid (or baby soap for a gentler cleaning). For 5-10 minutes, gently massage the scarf against itself with back and forth strokes.

Squeeze out any excess water gently so that the scarf does not wrinkle. The hijab should be hung to dry.

  •  Machine washing:

Hijabs that have become a little filthy can be washed in the machine.

How to do it?

Make sure to use a gentle cycle and read the washing directions on your hijab carefully. Chiffons should be cleaned in a delicate setting at 30°C. If your scarf has significant stains, you can apply a stain remover as a pre-treatment before placing it in the washing machine. 

Before using the pre-treatment, please read the instructions carefully. The hijab should be hung to dry. 

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