7 Tips To Help You Prepare For Ramadaan

7 Tips To Help You Prepare For Ramadaan

Ramadan is constantly a high time for most Muslims to endeavour to become a better version of themselves. On the obligatory five daily prayers, Ramadan is when the greater part of us endeavour to perform extra Ibadah, for example, feed others, Tarawih prayers and give charity and other great deeds that will help us to gain the pleasure of Allah (God). Inevitably, it is additionally a month that challenges us spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Ramadan is a marathon of doing great deeds with a progression of challenges; however, would we say we are completely arranged for it? Let's go over a few hints for us to be Ramadaan 2020 ready:

  • Become acquainted about Ramadan

Ramadaan in 2020 is indeed a present for us. As we find progressively about Ramadaan 2020, we will understand that Allah has opened for us many doors to facilitate our paths in striving to be a righteous Muslim, which at last, is the reason for Ramadan.

To accomplish it, we should know the do's and don'ts to guarantee that we maximize the golden chances to do great and maintain a strategic distance from the deeds that may deprive us of its blessings and rewards.

  • Schedule Qur’an into your day

Make the Qur'an a part of your daily life regardless of whether it's reciting only a couple of verses and attempt to read the translation of what you are reading. Maybe additionally tune in to the clarification of the verses by a reliable researcher, so you have a better understanding.

Regardless of whether you have learnt a surah by heart, make it a propensity to perform wudhu and read Quran. Train your mind to have that divine connection, at any rate, a couple of moments daily in the first place, at that point increase.

  • Eat Healthy and Moderately

With less time to eat in Ramadaan in 2020, we truly need to focus on what we eat. Presently is the best time to research the nutritious estimation of the food we eat.

While we quick, the food we eat before we start our fast or to break our fast needs to give the optimal energy so we can achieve our daily errands and increase our worship.

  • Share blessings with others

The idea of sharing blessings with others is rooted in Islam. One of the numerous embodiments of Ramadaan 2020 is for us to feel understanding towards the individuals who are less fortunate and help out in any potential manner. One of the ways is to feed a fasting individual.

Sharing the blessings with other people brings happiness in the hearts of the provider as well as the receiver. Give anything we have close by, and stress not over the measure as what is essential most is a charity that is given out of sincerity.

One of our favourite charitable campaigns is from Nisa Homes. Their current campaign is meant to help provide fresh meals for iftar for their women & children this Ramadan! They’ve many options available on their website:

$100 provides 1 iftar for 1 home (approximately 10 residents)

$600 provides 1 iftar for all 6 homes (approximately 60 residents)

$3,000 provides 30 iftars for 1 home

Give as much as you can afford this Ramadaan and remember the hadith of the Prophet (SAW):

”Whoever helps break the fast of a fasting person, he will have the same reward as him without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person.”

  • Keep realistic goals for this Ramadaan 2020

Making a rundown of Ramadaan 2020 goals and a list of duas is a fantastic idea and a start to help prepare ourselves for Ramadan. It is likewise significant that we keep our goals realistic.

We plan to read the Quran daily in Ramadaan in 2020; however, we might not have saved time to read a page of it in our typical routine.

We plan to supplicate progressively supplementary prayers in Ramadaan 2020; however, we have not been consistent in doing our five daily prayers. We plan to be gainful in Ramadan; however, we have not been managing our time well.

  • Bonus Tip: Make good habits before Ramadaan begins

Create good habits such as reading duas, doing adhkaar after salaah, giving in charity and other good deeds so that it is easier for you to continue during the month of Ramadaan. It is easier to start small and build a long-lasting, good habit that will be part of your daily routine. If you are used to doing something, then there is a higher chance that you will continue to do it during Ramadaan. If you don't succeed on one day, then don't worry, keep going and try again on the next day. Make sure that you do not miss a good deed or good habit twice in a row!

Change requires time, exertion, and strong determination. In case that we are determined to gain the most out of this Ramadan, keep the goals straightforward and reachable.

What makes a difference most is the consistency as well as patience in doing it all through Ramadaan 2020 and past. We hope that these reminders are beneficial for you as you begin your journey for Ramadaan. 

May Allah bless us in Sha'ban and allow us to meet the period of Ramadaan. Ameen.


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