What is Modest Fashion?

What is Modest Fashion?

What is Modest Fashion?

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word fashion? We bet its all glitter and gold and something that not everyone can wear daily. The trend in the Western world certainly has no limits when it comes to expression and exposing your body. As a Muslim woman who wears the hijab, then modest fashion is something you'd want to try. The modest way is a fashion trend that uses modesty as its strongest point. 

  • Definition of Modest Fashion:

Modest fashion is interpreted in several ways. However, one thing is for sure that modest fashion works on concealing the body and not exposing it. This fashion is the entire essence of modest fashion, and it is beautiful.

Being modest can be a powerful thing for Muslim women as it encompasses a great sense of responsibility and looks flawless.

A great article about modest fashion is here

  • Fashionable Hijabs and Hijab Styles

The number one and the most apparent styling item is that you get to wear the hijab. There are so many fantastic hijab styles out there that you can use for modest fashion. From modest plain rayon hijabs to elegant pleated chiffon hijabs, you can get plenty of methods to come up with your own. Cotton hijabs and chiffon hijabs are excellent for all occasions, and they are easy to style. Our personalities reflect the way we wear the headscarf, and this is the purpose of modest fashion as it allows us to see ourselves in perfection.

  • What type of clothes are included in modest fashion?

There are a variety and a range of clothes in a modest outfit. It could anywhere from jeans, full sleeves shirt, hoodies, hijabs, abayas and other items that cover the parts of the body. Hijabs come in a variety of colours, sizes, fabric, material and styles.

Some hijab fabrics are chiffon hijabs, jersey, cotton, viscose, satin, silk and modal hijabs. Headscarves come in plain hijab styles, fashionable hijabs, patterns, polka dots, flowers and many more designs. They are also available in a variety of quality and material such as thicker material, longer length and vibrant colours.

Headscarves go well with underscarves which come in a variety of styles, colours, fabric and material. Underscarves and undercaps come in cotton, jersey, criss-cross and plain styles. Hijab pins are also used to hold the hijab style together and give your overall look a great finish!

Chiffon Hijabs
Cotton Hijabs
Rayon Hijabs

Ribbed Jersey Hijabs

Premium Jersey Hijabs

Magnetic Pins

  • Modest fashion is a more accessible style than you can imagine:

The matter of fact is that a humble way is more popular than you think. A single search on Google regarding modest fashion gives us more than 100 million results, which is staggering. Modest fashion has particularly caught up in the West as it somehow filled the gap for Muslims who are trying to be fashionable. This fashion is a growing industry and a time will come that more people will be joining in the trend.

  • Where to Buy Modest Fashion Clothing in Canada?

Hijabs&More is an excellent online headscarf and hijab store to buy modest fashion clothes in Canada. It continuously seeks trends that are relevant in the industry and designs clothing that genuinely and fashionably reflects modesty. The headscarf is the centrepiece of modest fashion, and Hijabs&More has a genuinely refreshing collection of hijabs. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the train of modest fashion and buy some great hijabs today!



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