Tips For Beautiful Skin In The Fall & Winter

Tips For Beautiful Skin In The Fall & Winter

The end of summer is just around the corner so it is the perfect time to prepare for the fall. 

Now it's time to say goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn! As the new season is just upon us, so it is an important time to talk about skin transition. In the fall, the weather starts getting cooler, the air becomes staler, and humidity drops, creating dryness due to which skin gets drier.

good skin care routine during fall in Canada

Add all of these exterior factors along with interior factors like radiators dry heats of radiators, and you will suddenly expose your skin to a completely new host of skin conditions such as itchy and dry skin. We will share some excellent skin care tips for winter with you. 

We wanted to share this article with you and provide some tips and tricks to help you get a head start on a good skin care routine. 

In order to get good skin and keep your skin from transition while fall epidermal changes, you can use these healthy lifestyle tricks and tips for the winter:

  1. Turn the water temperature down

When the weather is changing and becomes cooler outside, you want to put a brake on bathing with hot water. Hot water is not really best when it comes to hydrating and keeping moisture on your skin.

The warmer water also strips away all your essential oils from your skin and makes it dry. But it does not mean that you should bath with cold water; rather, you can have a shower with lukewarm water. If you are ready to switch over your bath routine, then you should try to limit yourself to spend less amount of time in hot water.

good skin care routine during fall in Canada
  1. Try a new moisturizer

This is the time to replace your oil-free and lightweight moisturizer with heavy cold cream for autumn.

Many dermatologists recommend that cold creams that are made up of mineral oils and creams are healthy and essential fatty acids that are naturally present in the skin, but they need to replenish when the colder months come.

You should apply moisturizers that have beneficial ingredients in the morning and at night. According to dermatologists, the best time to apply a moisturizer is right after washing when your skin can lock in most of the moisture.

good skin care routine during fall in Canada
  1. Swap out your cleanser

You might not have heard about a warm-weather cleanser and a cold-weather cleanser, but many skin experts recommend this. So if you want to get good skin in all weather, then you have to change it up according to the weather.

good skin care routine during fall in Canada
  1. Add an overnight face mask

You can add over something extra to your night skincare routine, such as an overnight face mask. Daily apply a make before going to sleep on a deeply cleansed skin. By doing this, your skin will surely feel more radiant and hydrated.

good skin care routine during fall in Canada
  1. Use a facial oil

If you think that your face complexion needs an extra dose of nourishment in autumn, then don't forget to apply any facial oil prior to use moisturizer. You can also mix one to two drops of oil within your moisturizer for extra hydration.

good skin care routine during fall in Canada
  1. Take your vitamins

In summer, the environmental exposure really depletes antioxidants of your skin, so autumn is the perfect time to repair it from inside out. Many dermatologists recommend that taking internal liquid supplements is good as they can help you in restoring every inch of the skin on your body.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and even green tea are also natural favourites of dermatologists.

good skin care routine during fall in Canada

Make sure to speak with your doctor for any skin care concerns and before applying any type of new products or creams. These are general advice and guidelines that may work for individuals with healthy and moisturized skin. 

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