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Planning An Eid Outfit & Styling Hijabs

Planning An Eid Outfit & Styling Hijabs

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Our latest blog post is about planning your eid outfit and some helpful hijab styling tips that will definitely win you over! 

Dressing up on Eid is sunnah as it can help us to experience the real festivities of this occasion. It is essential that you start thinking and planning about your Eid outfit now so that everything will be on time and as per your plan.  

Sometimes, because of the busy and hectic schedule, we forget to take care of ourselves. However, how you dress can play a vital role in making you feel joyous and happy.

Therefore, planning your modest Eid outfit with the hijab ideally should be in the list of your top priorities. You can buy hijabs from an online Canadian hijab store.

Here are some inspirations for planning your modest Eid outfit and hijab.

  • Semi-casual look

If you are planning to buy a semi-formal dress this Eid, you are not alone. Eid is an important occasion in Islam and every one of us to celebrate this event with full festivities. If you're looking for a formal and stylish look, wear a crisp white dress. Combine it with a Premium Chiffon hijab for a beautiful and elegant look. You can buy a premium chiffon hijab from the online hijab store in Canada.

  • Traditional and elegant look

If you are going for a traditional outfit, you can plan your perfect Eid look with a beautiful jersey or chiffon hijab. Traditional clothing is beautiful and meaningful, and in most of cases is also comfortable. It is therefore ideal for Eid at home. Jersey hijab fits perfectly with traditional clothing. This material has that shiny and luxurious look that will spark your Eid look.

  • Stylish solid on the solid look

It is a safe and secure option that always looks good. Just make sure that all of the colours you're working with are coordinated. Combining different shades of the same colour palette is an excellent way to style a perfectly stylish look.

  • Printed hijab with a solid top look

Another good option is to pair printed hijab with a solid colour dress. You can go for a fusion printed hijab or a floral print for a modest and beautiful look this Eid. You can choose a light colour printed hijab with a solid colour top or solid colour printed hijab with a light colour top for a beautiful look.

  • Printed on the printed look

Printed long dresses are the best outfits for Eid. They are comfortable to wear, generally personalize and are usually very comfortable in the warmer months.

The best long dresses that can be worn with the hijab are those with long sleeves, so you don't have to worry about putting a shirt under or a jacket on top.  

Choose a printed hijab that gives you the perfect printed on printed look. Use something solid and keep the colours in the same family for an elegant look.  

These tips and tricks will make choosing Eid outfit easy and simple so you can spend Ramadan focusing on connecting with Allah more than focusing on planning for Eid.

If you buy your clothes in a store, make sure you give yourself enough time to find the right outfit and find all the accessories and hijabs that can be paired perfectly. Consider these tips and organize and plan your clothes and hijab to make sure you have the best outfits and perfect hijabs.

Styling your hijab perfectly is also very important.  If you are scared to go outside because of the COVID 19, visit online hijab store Canada and buy your favourite jersey hijab or chiffon hijab to complete your look.

The next logical question that comes to mind is, how do I style my premium chiffon hijabs? Are there any other styles or ways to wrap these beautiful hijabs?

Yes, there are a number of ways that you can style the hijab on a special occasion or moment. 

Deciding to follow your faith, to stand up for what you believe and to be able to achieve your dreams are the achievements that will make you stronger and more confident. When the final decision to wear a hijab is yours, nothing matters.

If you wear a hijab, you might be confused about how to style your hijabs perfectly according to the occasions. There are a number of things to consider while styling the perfect hijab such as how to tie your hair for a perfect hijab or should you wear an inner cap or not.

Chiffon hijabs are a lightweight and elegant option for a casual and also for a formal appearance. Here are some tips to style premium chiffon hijabs.

  • Get an under cap. This will help keep the hijab in place for a long time.
  • Choose the colour you like and that matches your dress and compliment your complexion.
  • Wrap the hijab in layers for a stylish look.
  • Use pins to wear the hijab comfortably. 

After you get a little used to the hijab style and know the style you like, you can enjoy a beautiful premium chiffon hijab to wear at a party or a formal event.

The chiffon hijab has a beautiful texture. In addition, it is flexible and thick enough not to appear transparent, which makes it breathable and comfortable. 

Here are the three best ways to style premium chiffon hijabs.

  1. Casual style

Casual style is a simple and elegant way to style your hijab. The front straps are perfect for extra coverage and an easy overall look. You can also toss them over the shoulder.

  • Wrap the hijab around the face. Keep one side of the fabric a little longer than the other.
  • Tie the hijab under the chin with a pin.
  • Wrap the longer part around the neck and leave both sides hanging.
  1. Everyday Wrap

Everyday Wrap, the most classic and famous hijab styles in the world. It is very easy to tie and looks beautiful with all types of faces.

  • Place the hijab around your face as desired, making sure to keep one side longer than the other.
  • Cross the long end of the fabric over the shorter end and wrap it loosely over your head, making sure to keep it small.
  • Pin the side and top of your head with a pin.
  1. No-Hassle Tassel

This is a versatile type of hijab. Depending on the fabric you choose and the way the hijab is tied, the appearance can range from carefree to elegance.  

  • Wrap the hijab keeping one side slightly shorter than the other.
  • Use a pin to secure the hijab under the chin with a pin.
  • Bring the longer side of the hijab over and above your head.
  • Wrap the rest around your neck and leave the tassel drape in front of the shoulder.

Trying out new chiffon hijab styles is not something to be concerned about because we offer the best quality, non-slip and lightweight chiffon hijabs. The first question that arises when you start wearing it is where to buy it.

Hijab Canada is offering the best quality of jersey hijabs and chiffon hijabs. Whether you want a hijab for everyday wrap style or for casual style, you can buy everything from the online hijab store Canada.

Another way to get some inspiration for styling your hijabs is to follow inspirational women and hijab fashionistas on Instagram. 

In recent years, social media has unlocked a lot of doors for fashion and beauty enthusiasts around the world to show off their talents. More than ever, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have enabled women from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures to celebrate their unique beauty.

Despite everything, many Muslim women are prospering and are not afraid to show the world what they can do. Today, influential Muslim women all around the world are using social media as a platform to share their lives and work with the world. This is because of the rise of Muslim bloggers.

Here are some examples that you can learn from.

  1. Shaz

Instagram: @sheikhbeauty

Shaz is a makeup artist and beauty blogger from London. She has more than 301,000 followers on Instagram and is running a lash line called "Sheikh Beauty Lashes." She also likes to imitate   songs in her car and publish funny memes on social networks.

  1. Fatimah

Instagram: @ arabbarbie18 

Fatima is famous for creating crazy makeup inspired by Arabian artists on her Instagram page because she has more than 71,000 subscribers. If you are a fan of glitters and sparkles, follow Fatimah.

  1. Sabina Hanan

Instagram: @sabinahannan

Sabina is a UK based 21-year-old beauty, lifestyle, and fashion blog with more than 257,000 followers on Instagram, and although her channel was launched on YouTube a year ago, she has more than 152,000 subscribers.  

  1. Ilhan Omar

Instagram: @ilhanmn 

Ilhan Omar is among the two American Muslim women to be elected to Congress, alongside Rashida Talib. Follow Ilhan Omar as he challenges the status quo on the American political scene, including being the first member of Congress to wear the hijab, and ends the ban on the 181-year-old ban on headwear.

  1. Yassmin Abdel-Magied

@ yassmin_a

Yassmine Abdel-Magied is a London-based self-proclaimed Sudanese-Australian writer and recovery engineer. An anchor and activist, Yassmin is candid in her experiences as a Muslim colour woman, and this is fully reflected in her Instagram posts.

  1. Liyana Musfirah


Liyana Musfirah is a Singaporean speaker, teacher and writer. She is also an expert on women's issues. Liyana also practices thoughtful posting which means that you will always learn something from her insightful posts.

  1. Ibtihaj Muhammad


Ibtihaj Muhammad is a leading Islamic figure who goes beyond the world of sport. She even designed a barbie hijab doll after her and also wrote notes based on her experience as an America based Muslim woman competing in Olympics. She shares parts of her life that can inspire us all, young and old.

  1. Hodhen Liaden

@ hodhenliaden

Hodhen Liaden, a blogger and anti-colour beauty activist, celebrates colored women beauty bloggers on The Dark Skin Journal page. You can also find encouraging posts on self-esteem, makeup lessons, including how natural skincare tips.

  1. Yasmine Simone

@___enimsay aka Yasmine Simone

Yasmine Simon's Instagram makeup lessons will make you want to buy all the products that touch her skin. Jasmine caters to your daily beauty needs, from tutorials on glamour and evening glamour looks to the fundamentals of skin perfection.

  1. Dina Torkia

@ dinatokio

Dina Torkia has made her way into the online beauty space, which has earned her over 1.3 million followers and a successful career as an influence in the UK. Dina still uploads product groups and makeup reviews regularly to Instagram and YouTube.

If you are inspired by these Muslim women and want to be one of them, remember that confidence is the key. Visit online hijab store Canada and opt for the jersey hijab or chiffon hijab for a comfortable and classy look.

We hope that these articles are helpful for you and can help you style your outfit and hijab for your next event, meeting, wedding or occasion. Thank you for reading and tune in for more blog posts in the future insha'Allah!


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