Premium Chiffon Hijab Styling Guide For The Fall

Premium Chiffon Hijab Styling Guide For The Fall

Our non-slip, soft, silky and professional chiffon hijabs are one of the best products on our online hijab store. 

If you're looking for a makeover, a closet haul or you are in the mood to try something new and comfortable then our premium chiffon hijabs are for you. These hijabs are the same quality as brands that sell them for an unappealing price. 

If you're a jersey girl or like to wear plain cotton hijabs - then you're missing out. I did not want to try the premium chiffon hijab because I don't like wearing underscarves and thought that they would slip off my head. I started wearing the chiffon hijabs recently and I have fallen in love with the material and texture. 

I was instantly impressed by how comfortable and easy these chiffon hijabs were to wrap and wear (and honestly questioned why I ever only wore cotton to begin with). Over the past couple of weeks, these chiffon hijabs have become a staple in my wardrobe and I wear them to birthdays, occasions and weddings. 

Below, I will share some of my favourites and will share some beautifully styled premium chiffon hijabs. 

Coffee Premium Chiffon Hijab

Coffee Premium Chiffon Hijab

This beautiful shade of brown has become on of my favourites in my wardrobe. You can style this colour with any professional outfit and any top and pants would work. You can pair it with casual white sneakers, which could give it the l casual look and feel. This coffee premium chiffon hijab works well for an evening out or a date with your husband. 

Maroon Premium Chiffon Hijab

Maroon Premium Chiffon Hijab

This beautiful shade of maroon has many of our customers re-order multiple times. It is such a beautiful colour that you can wear it with light tones and style it your way. You can wear this hijab with a turtle neck, light pants, sneakers and a maroon premium chiffon hijab would be perfect! This hijab never slips off my head - but if I were to choose an under-cap then I would pick a black underscarf!

Olive Premium Chiffon Hijab

If you're looking for an elegant, soft and light shade then you have come to the right place - the olive premium chiffon hijab. You can style it with a white oversized shirt, along with olive pants or tights to match the colour of the hijab. As you can tell by now, I love white sneakers so your shirt colour can match your white sneakers with this cute outfit! 

Dark Grey Premium Chiffon Hijab

Another customer and my favourite is the dark grey premium chiffon hijab. This colour would work well for any outfit, professional meeting, presentation and more. I like to style it with a black leather jacket and lighter colour pants to go with the dark grey hijab. 

These beautiful chiffon hijabs have easily taken over my wardrobe - these are just some examples and you can style them as you like. There are many other colours that you can choose from so your possibilities and options are endless! 

I like to wear white sneakers but these beautiful shades can be worn with professional shoes, heals, boots or any other shoes. They can also be styled with different looks such as suits, denim or jackets. 

Which one would you pick? How would you style your new premium chiffon hijabs?

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