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Tips To Make 2021 A Positive Year For You

Tips To Make 2021 A Positive Year For You

If you had the opportunity just to survive or have the best year of your life, you would choose the latter one. Of course, everyone would like to have a life filled with the best moments and happiness.

As we are approaching a new year, here are some ways how to make 2021 the best year for you. 2020 had its ups and downs but 2021 will be better for you Insha’Allah!

Express Gratitude

Be grateful to Allah for the blessings that he has given to you! Gratitude is a grateful acknowledgment and appreciation of what is received by a person in one way or the other.

With gratitude, people identify how blessed they are and the good things in their lives. In gratitude procedure, people generally recognize that the source of this goodness lies at least partially outside of them.  

Gratitude also benefits people connect with something bigger and better than themselves as the person, i.e., God, nature, and with other people. It is strongly linked with greater happiness. Expressing gratitude will let you feel more positive, thus dealing with the challenges of life in a good and positive way.

You can easily get into the practice of expressing gratitude by starting a gratitude journal. A gratitude journal is where you write about 3-5 things that you are grateful for today.

Research has shown that people with this habit feel better and have lower rates of depression and anxiety. Remember to start out small, start by writing one thing that you are grateful for daily.

Take a moment and say thank you to your parents, siblings, friends or other family members that you interact with on a regular basis!

Have a Vision

Visualization is one of the most popular and effective mental workouts you can do. Many successful and famous people used to visualize their goals and dreams before achieving them eventually.

Creating a vision requires you to take the time to sit down and think of what you want out of life. To survive requires you to go beyond thinking and focus on your goals and aspirations. We often feel trapped in our life because of our robotic schedule and hectic routine.

Being overworked and exhausted all the time results in losing the creative person in us. Having a vision is an effective way to take off. When you have that inspires you every day, you will stay on track.

Even in the event of setbacks, the vision will always be there to motivate you again. This habit motivates you to keep going in the face of advertisy or challenges.

5-Daily Prayers/Salah

Remember to your five daily prayers on time. You must have heard the term DEAP. Drop Everything And Pray!

Prayer is an amazing tool for the individuals that help to stay strong and hopeful, even in terrible times. Prayers should always be part of our time alone with God. If we want our prayers to be heard, our hearts must be good with God and with others.

Make sure to reserve some time to talk to Allah that connects all of us and make our requests known.  Pray for what your heart desires! Create a list of your dream duas and vision that you want to achieve.

Take Care of your Health

Your health should always be your priority, and therefore, it is very important to take care of your health. Poor health may overshadow everything in your life. From small minor health problems to significant health problems that can put your life to risk, health plays a significant role in your success and happiness.

Committing to healthier habits this year can have a powerful reward. You will feel better about everything you do. You can start a habit of working out for 10 minutes daily.

This habit could be a 10-minute walk, quick stretches, yoga or meditation. Start out small before you try difficult exercises or go on the treadmill for an hour.

Remember that the goal is to create a habit that will last you a lifetime and will create change that will be long-term.

Be Positive

It is very important to stay positive as the world is already full of negative people and circumstances.  Staying positive means that you and the people around you feel safe and your positivity effects you. Staying positive, despite the ups and downs of life makes you happier.

Remember that if you want to be happy, you can be happy. Being negative about the bad things in your life or the bad people around you will always ruin your life. To stay happy and positive in a low period, you must think and remember that this negativity is not the way you want to live life.

When we focus more on the good instead of the bad, we have better reasons to stay positive about this world. Try to read stories of individuals that have a positive outcome or impact or ending. This habit will help you achieve positivity and remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel!


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