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Styling Ribbed Jersey Hijabs For The Winter

Styling Ribbed Jersey Hijabs For The Winter

Here is a short guide to help you choose the perfect hijab for your outfit, occasion or mood. 

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you decide where to buy a hijab, how to style a hijab and tips to maintain your hijabs. 

This fabric guide is a smart way to choose the perfect material for your hijab or headscarf. You can learn the difference between chiffon, cotton, jersey and other fabrics.

There are so many different hijaab fabrics to choose from and so many different styles that are available on online hijab stores these days.

Styling ribbed jersey hijabs for the winter

So, it's winter again! It is time to enjoy special winter attire stylishly. In various parts of the world, the majority of Muslim women like to wear headscarves. For the pretty hijabis, styling their hijabs in unique ways can improve their appearance.

Yes, they love wearing it in different styles to get a stylish and chic look. If you follow the latest style trends, it will give you an innocent look. Let’s view some of the most stunning and most comfortable styles, like ribbed jersey hijabs for the current year.

Hijab and style

Using beautiful designer hijabs in Canada can never limit your fashion choice. Instead, you have more accessories to wear and turn your simple costume into a staple trend. It can be put on in various styles.

You can adapt it for outfit styles and a plethora of events. Hijab Canada is designed in a variety of styles, colors, and materials available to you. Therefore, it is good to follow the complete style guide with easy to follow steps. It is the surety that you will be confident in your daily styling.

As such, there are many methods to wear highly adaptable and timeless attire, allowing you to enjoy different styles. In this way, you can be able to attain a signature look. Learn more about hijab styling in the article below!

How to wear a headscarf stylishly? 

Well, styling the longest length hijab is based on its fabric and design. It expresses your sense of style. You need to consider the material of the scarf that will help you create the most effective look.

These are available in a variety of fabrics like silk, jersey, chiffon, and many others. In the areas where the climate is humid and hot, the majority of the women prefer to use chiffon hijab. Some tips are for beautiful design hijabs in Canada here to learn about styling it.

  • It is nice always to select a hijab that goes under with your face cut. For all face shapes, all hijab styles are not suitable. It is good to be picky at this point.
  • Be careful as per the weather about which fabric is suitable for you. No one wants to be sweaty by wearing a woolen fabric hijab in the hot climate. The silk hijab is not suitable in the cold climate.
  • You have the option to choose the fabric as per the region’s weather and personal preferences. These are available in different prints and colors as per the season. In the spring season, go for the bright colors; deep hues are suitable in winter, autumn needs rustic colors, and light pastel shades are suitable for summer.
  • Now, it comes, how to carry beautiful design hijabs in Canada. For this purpose, you need to take help from different styling tutorials. It is available online to wear your scarf in different ways.

As a part of the attire, hijab styling has made its space in fashion and there are significant number of bloggers and YouTubers who talk about hijab fashion.

The majority of the women in the modern fashion world use to wear scarves and enjoy the elegance of style with their looks. Some of the ways to style your headscarf are here.

1.   Add some bling 

While it is not your typical everyday appearance but you will be more adorable if you dress up in this way for your special events such as parties, Eid, and weddings.

You can add some beautiful embellishments to it, and it will bring a glow to your face. If you are not fond of these accessories, you can wear a plain chiffon hijab. It allows you to adorn it with simple pearls.

The stylish ribbed jersey hijabs are very glamorous to complete your elegant look. It helps to give you a stylish look as well as cover your modestly. You can use stunning flower motives or applique on the headscarf that can make it positively fabulous.

Pair the dress of your dreams with the embellished or patterned hijabs. No doubt, you will be the icon of the party today, since it raises the glamour of your personality. You will enjoy your new and different look at festivals or wedding celebrations. 

2.   Turkish Hijab

In different areas of the world, about the majority of Muslim women prefer to wear headscarves. There are various hijabs, and the Turkish hijab style is one of the most famous ones. Most Turkish women like to wear solid colored and ribbed jersey hijabs is the perfect choice to cover their necks due to the longer length and thicker material.

In winter or the cold climate areas, the thick fabric is the right choice of hijab because it covers your neck from the cold wind. They use to put it on their trendy and stylish outfits like jeans, long skirts, and maxis. Therefore, this scarf style is the most suitable style for women.

3.   Japanese Hijab 

You can put on your longest length hijab with your matching dress. These are unique and different types of hijab styles for women who always make an effort to look unique and different from others. You can use a printed cloth with your trendy outfit. This tremendous and modern wrap suits your outfits and ensures you are well-prepared for any of the scenarios.

4.   Pinless Hijabs

In this fast-moving world, where everyone does not have time to spend overdressing and hijab styling. These pinless hijab styles are the best for the ladies who are always in a hurry when they are going outside. It is highly simple and easy to wear without using any pin to tie.

These are available in thick fabric. The majority of the women find it easy to carry because it covers their head and chest due to the wide cloth. The premium jersey hijabs and the ribbed jersey hijabs are the best examples of scarves that can be tied without a pin. The ribbed jersey scarf can be loosely tied and still provide you with full coverage!

This style of Canada hijab is used for casual wear. Moreover, it is suitable for all fabrics. You can use this style in all your costumes.

No doubt, it delivers a splash of style, if you pair it with different types of dresses. The stylishly designed attire with this everyday hijab style looks very sassy because it is adjustable in all conditions.

5.   Turban Hijab Style

It is a famous type of hijab style in Arabian and African regions. If you like to attain a sporty look, then turban style hijab is the ultimate option for you. It is ultra-sporty, chick, and cool. It is a quick and easy way to wrap a headscarf when you are in a hurry.

There are so many variations that you can add to this style. In various countries, women add a flower, braids, or other accessories to this style. It is very simple to wrap the hijab on the head by holding it from two ends.

Now, you can fold these two sides on your head in different forms like braids or rolling it on your head and give a shape of a bun.

6.   Classic Hijab Style 

It is one of the styles that suit most of the outfits. You can wrap the hijab easily on your head by placing it around your face. Make sure one side is longer than the other. Wrap the longer side over the shorter end around your head.

You can wrap it tightly around your face to get a simple look. To add some volume and a smart impression, you can keep it loose. Once you finish it, you can use two hijab pins to secure it at the top and the other at the side of the head.

7.   Professional Hijab style 

This style of hijab is suitable for working women. It is simple to wrap in some easy steps.

  • Fold your square hijab into a triangular shape around your face. Make sure it makes a complete curved shape above your forehead. Once it frames your face, you can secure it by using pins under your neck. Now, both ends are placed evenly on both sides.
  • Cross each end over the other, wrap it firmly around the neck and secure it with a pin at the back.

It is the style that you can use all your shirts, suiting coats and other formal or semi-formal office dressing.

8.   Trendsetter style

This style adds more elegance to your fashionable hijab look. In some simple steps, you can wrap this headscarf as such:

  • Wrap the headscarf around your face, either square or rectangular. Leave one side longer than the other.
  • Wrap it around your head, with the longer side. Pull the fabric on the top of your head and include a little more volume. Now, you need to wrap it back over the front of your shoulder.
  • Take it around your face and pin it to the top of your head. Fix the headscarf to generate drapes.
  • Now use the untouched and shorter side and pin it with the long loose side. Pin it on the other side or top of your head with a stylish broch.

The majority of the women carry this style in their parties, weddings, functions, ceremonies, formal dinners and get-to-gathers.

You can decorate your ribbed jersey hijabs with different adornments. Pin an ivory flower on your hijab, use a magnetic hijab pin, use a set of hijab pins or use a broch to improve its elegance.

It will sparkle with a dazzling accent. This chic hijab is the source to deliver grace and modesty to your elegant look. There are different things to do with your scarves when you are going to accessorize it.

You can choose any of the best colors and fabrics for you. The vibrant shades give a fresh feel and offer a lively look to your personality. You can pair your embellished Canada hijab with a beautifully flared skirt in organza fabric. It will offer you a glamorous and modest look.


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