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Introduction To Woven Viscose Hijabs

Introduction To Woven Viscose Hijabs

What do you mean by a woven viscose hijab?

The woven viscose hijab is one of our popular collections and loved by our customers. We want to do a short reintroduction for all of our new customers and shoppers. 

And so, producing the woven viscose hijab was always there but was left behind, which is now! 

Woven Hijabs: Why Should you Buy Them?

Woven hijab is a phrase that most people associate bigger brands of hijabs. We are introducing these popular collections in Canada. We offer free shipping on all orders and you can purchase one hijab and still get free shipping on your order. You can buy woven hijabs from an Arabic store in Canada!

The term "hijab" means "to cover" or "to form a barrier." It is commonly worn by Muslim women and provides a variety of benefits and the duty being honored. Many women today utilize it for a variety of purposes.

1.    Hijab style:

Woven hijab clothes have such a soft material and they have beautiful edges to give your outfit a complete look. Woven hijabs give you the look of a regular cotton hijab with additional style on the edges. 

2.    Hijab clothes:

Hijab clothes offer a variety of colours in the woven viscose hijab collection. You can get colours such as black, white, dark grey, brown and green. 

3.    Chiffon vs. Woven Hijabs:

If you are a chiffon or cotton girl then it might be the perfect collection for you –If you can't remember the last time you'd worn anything other than chiffon or cotten, you would love to try our woven hijab collection. It is the perfect combination, lighter than cotton 

4.    Unique hijab style:

A woven hijab shows the best beauty with your outfit, allowing you to be true and unique to your style. Simply put, wear the hijab that suits your hijab style and not just because it is popular. 

5.    True beauty:

Eliminates the need to keep up with the latest trends and competition in the fashion industry. Wearing a woven hijab allows you to wear a simple hijab in your daily activities. 

These advantages of wearing the woven hijab are numerous. 

We hope you are as excited for this new collection as we are!

Stay tuned as we are coming out with new collections and new hijab gift boxes just in time for Ramadaan. You will have the perfect Ramadaan and Eid gifts for your loves ones inshaAllah! 


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