6 Trendy Hijab Styles For Muslim Millennials

6 Trendy Hijab Styles For Muslim Millennials

6 Trending Hijab Styles For Muslim Millennials

Are you seeking various hijab styles? If yes, remember that an incredible hijab can improve your hijab game!

When it comes to dressing modestly, the hijab is an essential aspect of a Muslim woman's wardrobe. The hijab is not a trend that should be followed. Also, it is not just a headscarf, despite what many people think.

In modern times, the hijab has become associated with fashion due to the myriad ways it has been reimagined. It's no longer just a common practice; it's a chic new norm that amps up any outfit with a touch of elegance. Dresses that are too short, worn with a scarf and accompanied by pajama bottoms or jeans, are currently all the rage. Let's get an overview of different hijab styles and fabrics here.

Different hijab styles:

      I.         Classic Hijab Style:

The simple and functional wrap is our list's first essential hijab style. This classic hijab cut is a fan favorite throughout the globe for its flattering fit and endless styling possibilities.

Not only is the classic hijab style always in vogue, but its minimalist design also makes it suitable for a wide variety of outfits and occasions, from a quick trip to the grocery store to a formal evening affair requiring a luxurious abaya.

    II.         Professional Hijab Style:

A professional wrap is the next fantastic hijab style you need to know about. An instant infusion of style and sophistication, this timeless essential will elevate even the most basic of wardrobes.

A professional hijab is ideal for use in formal settings, such as the workplace. This method of wearing a hijab will keep your headscarf neat, whether at a business meeting or working a shift at the supermarket. If you want to get a wide range of multiple hijab styles, the hijab shop is in Canada, from where you can get the one that suits your office or professional look!

  III.         Layered Hijab:

For the most alluring appearance, the layered hijab is your best bet. This form of hijab is characterized by its voluminous appearance, achieved by layering the hijab over the wearer's head.

This understated style may be dressed up or down with ease. This hijab type is suitable for practically any material. Multiple layers on the head and chest make this look sophisticated but easy to wear.

   IV.         Turkish Hijabs:

The Turkish hijab is a great option regarding head coverings during the summer. It's one of the most flattering and wearable hijab looks for summer. Different types of lightweight materials can be used to achieve the desired comfort. Using Turkish hijabs in the summer is advantageous since the style can be easily obtained with any fabric, whether linen, cotton, chiffon, jersey, etc.

    V.         Trendy Hijab:

You can wear a trendy hijab as you like because it doesn't conform to any certain style. Even wearing the hijab, you can update your appearance with a sleek, contemporary style. There is often a coordinated use of color and the addition of decorative brooches to the dress to create a stunning overall effect.

The hijab store is where to get the most up-to-date and trendy hijab styles. You'll find various hijabs and can shop per your style and individual preferences. 

   VI.         Loosely Tied Hijab:

The majority of hijabi women avoid completely covering their faces with the garment. The flexible wrapping of this hijab type provides comfort and grace.

This practical hijab outfit is suitable for the office or a day of errand running. When worn with a hijab cap, this is a fantastic method of keeping modesty and comfort in mind.

Different Types Of Hijabs:

When putting up an ensemble based around a scarf, you have a lot of room to experiment with the various scarf types available in the hijab store. Take into account the following fabrics and designs:

Cotton Scarf:

In terms of versatility and wearability, the cotton scarf is unrivaled. It may be worn with various bottoms, including jeans, leggings, chinos, and more. When temperatures rise, opt for a cotton scarf because of its breathable material.

The Chiffon Scarf:

Scarves made of chiffon are often draped over the neck. Chiffon is virtually transparent, making it a good fabric to pair with white jeans or better high-waisted pants. Also, this material is an excellent choice for the summer season as it is a comfortable material to wear!

Wool Scarf:

The second scarf is wool, worn when extra warmth around the neck is required. In many cases, the ends of scarves made of wool are embellished with a decorative fringe.

Jersey Hijab:

Jersey, a popular type of fabric, has a high degree of elasticity because of its construction. Thus, it is ideal for individuals who are seeking a multipurpose accessory. The stretchiness aids in keeping and maintaining its natural shape and allows for exploring many styling options. Despite being of medium weight, Jersey is a breathable fabric that exudes coziness.

How Can You Wear A Hijab In A Simple Style?

  • Slip a long, rectangular scarf over your head so that one end is longer than the other.
  • Gather the ends of the scarf under your chin and secure it with a pin.
  • Wrap the scarf around your neck once, then drape the longer end over your shoulder.
  • Instead of wearing the same end in front of one shoulder, reverse it and wear it in front of the other shoulder.
  • Wrap your chest in the scarf by spreading the ends.

Avoid These Hijab Mistakes:

Learn which kind of hijab you should never wear so that you may become a hijab fashion pro.

Follow these steps, and rest assured that your hat will provide you with all-day comfort.

  • The curve of a hijab made from the inexpensive cloth will likely flatten out and become unattractive quickly. In addition, these curves can stick to you backward or pucker with the help of some pins.
  • You'll feel awkward and self-conscious all day long if you wear a skinny headscarf that slides down your head and exposes your hair, forcing you to reposition it constantly.
  • To avoid feeling uncomfortable all day long, avoid wearing hijabs that are too short.



When it comes to protecting oneself, nothing beats the hijab. One's sense of style is a window into one's personality.

Women who choose to wear the hijab are sending the message that they are secure in their beauty and don't feel the need to flaunt it to garner the approval of others.

Shop at our online hijab store and feel the difference!

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