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FAQs About Hijabs - Answering some of your questions!

FAQs About Hijabs - Answering some of your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Hijab

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There are all sorts of questions that come to your mind when talking about the hijab from styles, to belief, to other questions and more. We will try our best to answer some of these questions in this article. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below and we will ask an expert to answer your question!

Here is a quick video from an international and well-spoken instructor at Al-Maghrib Institute and author of Reclaim Your Heart, Yasmin Mogahed called Hijab: Trends Interview. 

These are some of the reasons that Muslim women wear hijab and want to wear a hijab in their day-to-day activities. 

Such as where can I find hijab verses in the Quran? Why do Muslim women wear hijab and where to find these hijabs? 

 1. Who wears the hijab?

Hijab is a rectangular or square piece of cloth to cover up your hair. For Muslim ladies, the hijab is something more than just a piece of cloth. Hijab is all about their modesty; the hijab is all about covering their hair according to Islam's teachings. Anybody can wear a hijab. There are no restrictions that only Muslim ladies can wear it, but Muslim ladies must wear it as a must-have. On the flip card, all the women out there can wear hijabs if they like.

2. What hijab colors suit me? 

Let's start with the color of the hijab; most women and girls are conscious about what color will suit them the most. As far as my opinion is concerned, I think you must choose the color according to your dress and the event you will attend. You can wear matching colored hijab with your dress, or you can also contrast with your dress. In summers, try to make cool contrasts, and in winters make warm contrasts. In this way, you will look chic even in your hijab look.

 3. What are hijab pins?

The hijabis who just started wearing hijabs need some pins to fix the hijab so that it doesn't slip down the head. These pins are called hijab pins. These pins are just common pins with beautiful heads. To make these pins look cute, the head is sometimes decorated with the pearls, beads, and another embellishment, and it looks fantastic. These pins fix the hijab, and when you use these pins, your hijab doesn't slip down and stay at a place all the time.

4. Can the hijab cause hair loss?

The long story short, hijab doesn't cause hair loss, but a rough scalp does. So, you have to take care of your scalp.  I would recommend you wash your hair correctly after one day. 

5. Can the hijab be fashionable in this sense?

Another question that most of the hijabis wants to know that hijabs can be fashionable or not. Hijab can be trendy, of course. But one thing that you must keep in mind before wearing a stylish hijab is that the modesty of the hijab should never be targeted in the name of fashion. I would never tell you to carry a hijab in a way that looks terrible, and you call it style. As far as my opinion is concerned, the hijab is the symbol of modesty; we must not mix it with fashion. But of course, there are some chic ways to style hijabs that make hijab fashionable, and you should go with them!

6. Can I wear a hijab as a face mask?

Of course, you can! Wearing a hijab as mask is possible because of the material, and it looks fantastic. Many long length hijabs are available in the market through which you can easily make a mask to cover your face and cover your face. Although Jilbab (separate hood) is also available in the market, you can also make a mask with a hijab, or you can wear a hijab as a mask. So, if you want to cover your face with your hijab, you can do it!

7. I am a new hijabi or I am thinking about wearing a hijab, which material should I buy? 

Selecting a hijab to wear is a kind of tough decision for hijabis who are considering wearing a hijab. They actually can't decide which hijab will go best on them. Let me solve this issue for you! The one thing that you have to keep in mind before choosing a hijab to wear is the material of the hijab. Many hijab fabrics are available in the market that you can opt for. You keep the following two points in mind:

  • As a new hijabi, premium jersey hijabs would be the best option for you as they are easy to tie, require minimal effort, you don’t need pins to keep them on. The best advice I can give is to wear a hijab that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Remember to make your intentions clear!
  • In the summer, you should wear jersey, chiffon or breathable hijabs so that you don't feel hot in the hijab. These hijabs are non-slip, easy hold and allow you to stay comfortable throughout the day. 
  • In the winter season, thicker hijabs are the best choice, which makes you look classy, but you also feel warm the whole day. Such as the ribbed jersey or cotton hijabs.

Choosing the right fabric will solve most of the problems. And the next step is to select the color of the hijab. Look for the color in your dress that will look good in your hijab. In summer, you should choose light colors, and in winter, you can go with dark colors to feel warm. In this way, you can easily select the best hijab for you!

8. Where can I buy a hijab from?

Ahaa…! Here is the most frequently asked question, and I love to provide the people with a better solution to this problem. Finding the best hijab shop is not easy, but guess what? I'm going to tell you about the best hijab store online where you can buy fantastic hijabs. Hijabs&More is the best online hijab store that is allowing you to purchase premium quality hijab. Visit our online store right quick and see an extensive range of hijabs.

9. I want to wear a hijab cap but there are so many different types. Which hijab cap or undercap is the best for me?

Hijab cap is the hijab accessory that helps you fix the hijab at its place. If you wear a hijab cap under your hijab, your hijab won't slip down because of hair. While buying the best hijab cap for you, you need to check the quality of the hijab cap. Hijab cap should not be very tight or very loose.

Tight hijab cap would make marks on your forehead, and loose hijab cap will bother you. So, make sure that the size of the hijab is suitable for you. Otherwise, you will not enjoy wearing a hijab. Wearing a simple and plain option in cotton is usually the best choice for most women. 

10. Where can I find a hijab store near me?

If you are living in an area where you can't get any hijab store near you, don't worry, Hijabs&more is the best online store that will prove to be your nearest hijab store. Hijabs&more has satisfied a massive list of customers, and the quality of our products is just wow.

We never let our customers down by giving them high-quality products at the lowest prices. Where else can you find a hijab for $13.99 with free shipping in Canada or the USA?

Instead, we make sure that only the best quality hijab reaches our customers. As far as colors are concerned, we have vibrant and sober colors that will make you look chicer. The best thing about Hijabs&More is our hijab pricing. We never burden our customers' pockets by giving them high priced hijabs. All the hijabs at Hijabs&More are available at reasonable prices.

You don't have to worry about the price, for you will get high-quality headscarves at affordable prices. Buying your favorite scarf has never been this much more comfortable before, and now your favorite scarf is just a few clicks away from you!

11. What is the difference between hijab and hijabi?

Some people confuse hijab with hijabi; that's why it is crucial to clear this point. So, the hijab is a cloth that we use to cover our hair, and all. On the other hand, hijabi is the girl that wears a hijab. Hijabi is just a slang to call the girl who is wearing a hijab. So, you should not confuse the hijab with the word hijabi, because both words are related but not the same.

12. Hijab vs. scarf - so what is the difference?

it is probably a tricky question that pops up in someone’s mind. A majority of people think that both the hijab and scarf are the same, but there is a minor difference in both that you should learn. When you feel like you are getting confused by hijab and scarf, you should keep one thing in mind that the hijab is more prominent in length as compared to the veil.

Hijab is a complete piece of cloth, which adequately covers your upper body and hair. On the other hand, a scarf can be used only for carrying on the neck. The scarf is not as more full as the hijab. You can easily cover your hair and chest with a hijab, but the scarf is not wide enough to cover hair and chest at the same time. It is a significant difference between the hijab and scarf. Hijab is also known as a headscarf.

12. Where can I buy hijabs wholesale?

Here comes the time to discuss another best thing about Hijabs&More. Guess what it can be? Let me tell you that Hijabs&More is the best online hijab store where you can buy hijabs at wholesale rates. It means that if you want to buy more than hijabs, you are more than welcome at Hijabs&More.

We will offer you an extensive range of hijabs to choose from. You can easily select your favourite hijabs at reasonable prices. What are you waiting for then? Slide into our website, and enjoy buying hijabs wholesale from us now! You can get up to 30%-40% discount for a wholesale order of 100+ pieces of headscarves.

13. What is a hijab turban?

There are many ways to style a hijab, and among them, there is a way in which the girls tie up their hijab on their heads just like a turban. It is the most modern way to style a hijab. If you wear jeans and shirts with hijab, turban hijab will go best with your outfit. It is quite easy to tie a turban hijab. Just a little practice is needed, and you will become an expert in tying turban hijab. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube to help you out!

14. Which hijab material is best?

Naming a single fabric or scarf material as the best material is unjust because every fabric is unique in its way, and every fabric does have its properties. So, it is quite difficult to point out a single material as the best hijab material.. These things you have to keep in mind before finalizing the best headscarf material.

  • The first thing first, hijab material should be right according to the weather. There are certain areas in the world where the weather is cold. In such regions, warm woolen hijab material is the best, and the girls there don't buy cotton or lawn hijabs. Breathable hijab stuff means that the hijab should not be hot or warm.
  • The second thing is the quality. No matter which hijab fabric you are going to buy. If the quality is not right, your money will go wasted. Make sure that the hijab should always be in the premium quality so that you can wear your crown gracefully!

To all the hijabi Muslim women out there, we know many things spark your curiosity, and you need their satisfactory answers. The following are some frequently asked questions, which almost every hijabi is looking for, and you will carry your hijab more elegantly!

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment or ask us any questions by: 

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Thank you for reading and we hope that this article provides some clarity and answers some of your questions about a hijab. Tune in to read future blog posts and learn more about hijabs, fashion and trends in the modest clothing world. 


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