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Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Fundraising Tips for Crowdfunding Campaigns

The way to raise money from a large group of people is famous with the name of crowdfunding. These groups join together the small investments to give the capital required to project off the ground and get a company.

Companies, charities, and individuals produce the campaign for specific causes, and anyone can contribute. There are different types of crowdfunding, and businesses use it to raise capital for their venture.

It can be the transactions outside of the traditional financial institutions, angel investments, and startups.

Muslims have an awesome organization that can help with their crowdfunding platform and it is called LaunchGood. As seen on their website, "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. - Muhammad Ali

To make your fundraising campaign successful, you must follow some quick tips.

  • Use the power of content marketing and social media
  • Set the right donation tiers
  • Make your ask and reason clear
  • Check the results of other campaigns

There are many other ways to make your campaign successful. It contains its origins where baskets are passed around to collect funds. In this internet age, these campaigns are used to appeal to the financial support of the community.

For instance, if a campaign is for hijab websites, or to increase the hijab practice, then it is good to appeal in the Islamic religious centres or anchor it by landing page on the hijab web page that will describe the project and asks for support.

On this page, visitors can donate with the digital currency, mobile phone payment tool, PayPal account, and credit card. Some other practical ways are here.

Set your goal for the campaign

If you have a close deadline and are in a hurry, you need to set out a tentative timeline since it helps guide your efforts. It makes your fundraising more efficient.

If you have time for your event, then it is a plus point for you. For the non-profits, it takes two weeks to prepare and research for their campaigns. It takes a little shorter or longer than expected.

Involve your supporters

People will not find your campaign on their own, so this assumption will not be in your favor. With almost over two hundred crowdfunding platforms, you will need to promote yours to understand your campaign through to its potential.

For example, if you are going to promote your event regarding Canada hijab and fundraising for it, you must know about a few, and the first days of the campaign are essential. You need to access people relevant to it in the Islamic Centers and spread the words to your community, friends, and family.

Be transparent

You need to receive the most donation possible, but the supporters do not give to the vague campaign. Always describe your purpose in exact words. It will help you in increasing the funds and donations for making your campaign successful.

Campaign on social media

Moreover, crowdfunding can be done online too. It would help if you did not ignore the power of social media. For your hijab practice campaign, you can use Facebook Page or Instagram to promote your cause. Introduce online hijab shopping pages and describe your objective here. 


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