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Everything you need to know about Scrunchies & Hijab Pins

Everything you need to know about Scrunchies & Hijab Pins

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You can make the hijab elegant and simple and add to your comfort with the right accessories. Although some of these accessories are necessary to keep your hijab in place, it can become a beautiful addition to your unique style. And if you want to look more attractive or elegant, there are always one or two accessories that you dare to do justice to. The main types of hijab accessories are under scarves, headbands, and hijab pins.

Brooch, clips or bows

If you wear simple clothes, you can add brooches or clips to add more beauty to the hijabs Canada. It is very easy to customize your clothes. Nowadays, the tendency to decorate the hijab is widespread in all countries. Using bows as a hijab accessory is always a good idea.  This accessory is trendy among the hijab fashion lovers. Women like to wear colourful bows on the head or hijab. You can style hijab in different ways with simple clothes. If you are going to a party, you can use bows embellished with stones.

Hijab headbands

Headbands are the fashion trend today, even among those who don't wear a hijab for covering the head. Hijab headbands are often decorated with decorative crystals, beads and laces and can be readily available in hijab online stores. These hijab accessories add a touch of fashion when attending parties or events. Various types of headbands are worn over the hijab. You can also wear headbands with embellishments and floral prints.

Hijab pins

Hijab pins are one of the other hijab accessories that serve both practical and elegant reason. These pins are used to maintain to hold the style of the hijab, which can be particularly crucial if a woman wears a loose hijab in a windy area. Some pins are simple in appearance, while others are decorated with pearls and other things. Women can use one or more hijab pins to wrap their hijab in a way that looks elegant and luxurious. You should check out our fancy hijab pins which were added to our store on April 6, 2020!

Headpiece chain

The headpiece chain is a mixture of embellishment with long hanging and mixed chains suitable for specific events, for example, exhibitions and meetings. The headpiece chain is a must accessory for fashionable hijabs.


Crowns are generally used to assist with a specific appearance. The advantage of wearing this hijab accessory is that it will look graceful yet elegant. You can use this hijab accessory on a chiffon hijab or even on a jersey hijab for a formal look.


Tassels can be added to any type of hijab, whether printed or simple. Hijab tassels are great for everyday use, but they can also be used for weddings, parties, and other events. Just design your hijab the way you want and style the tassels in a unique way. 

Under scarf

Under scarfs are made of a soft, beautifully breathable material with built-in skincare benefits like sunscreen. Hijab store offers an exclusive range of under scarfs for the best hijab buy. Matching the under scarf with your hijab colour is always the best option. However, you can also choose a contrast colour that looks perfect with the hijab colour. You can check out our cotton underscarves available in four solid and neutral colours!

Magnetic hijab pins

Our magnetic hijab pins are designed to tightly hold together any fabric of your choice without pins or needles, allowing you to put together any hijab style in seconds. This pin will hold your hijab together and keep it in place all day without damaging your hijab. 

The set of two magnets, when used together, act as a hold for your hijab and are very durable, so they will not come apart from the magnet easily. 

These magnetic hijab pins are available in three beautiful colours: Black, Rose Gold and Silver.


You can use scrunchie as a volumizer, under a hijab, to increase the volume under the hijab.   This will make a hijab bump and create the volume. This is the desired look for almost all the hijabis.

Hijab accessories are an important piece of your outfit that helps you look stylish. Choose one of your favourite accessories as listed above and match them with your hijab to have a unique style.

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