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5 Common Mistakes When Hijab Shopping Online

5 Common Mistakes When Hijab Shopping Online

Five Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Buying Hijabs Online (And What to Do Instead)

Every day, a woman deals with a variety of fashion issues. Finding the proper earrings or entirely mismatching the lipstick hue are all first-world challenges for us as women. During this chaos, Hijabis have their challenges preventing them from nailing hijab culture.

This may look weird to non-hijabi people. "Come on!" they must be thinking. You don't have any poor hair days, do you? What more could you ask for if you don't have to bother about different hairstyles? We don't have poor hair days, but we have some bad hair days.

These days, we become our doom, wallowing in the hijab-style blunders that we fail to recognize. The following are the five most common blunders that every hijabi must avoid to minimize terrible hijab days! Continue reading below!

1.    Not wearing a scarf underneath:

An under scarf enhances your facial contour while also preventing the scarf from sliding or flying away. Your Hijab will slip no matter how many pins you try to hold in place, especially if you have silky, smooth hair.

2.    Choosing scarves that are thin or short:

Your modest Hijab must be of decent quality if you want to keep it arranged. It is important to consider the material's length, breadth, and density. If your scarf is too short or thin, it won't be easy to cover your hair or get the desired look effectively. Wide scarves and flowing fabrics are preferable in these situations.

3.    Tying your hair in the wrong direction:

There are many different scarves for ladies, but you can't wear them all in the same manner. Similarly, you need to know how to tie your hair to get a certain Hijab Style.

For example, if you want to go with an Arab Scarf style, you should make a high-rise bun or even backcomb your hair to add volume. Similarly, if you're wearing a turban Hijab online, you'll need to pull your hair back firmly so that it may be readily covered.

4.    Not playing with shades: 

There is no rule in the fashion world that your Hijab must match the color of your garment! Learn to dabble with colors and bring vibrancy to your overall style, girl! You may also experiment with pairing opposing complementary colors, such as red and yellow or blue and pink, to draw attention to a single color in your outfit.

Combining two tones of one color is also a current hijab trend. Assume you have a light blue outfit that you accessorize with a Marine blue Hijab. Doesn't it sound lovely?

5.    Not ironing your Hijab:

Consider the following scenario. You're running late for work, and your Hijab is wrinkled. Consider tying it up without ironing it. Come to a complete stop right there.

Wearing a mismatched Hijab that is properly ironed is preferable to wearing a matching Hijab that is wrinkled and misshapen. When you iron your Hijab, it softens and becomes easier to shape. On the other hand, an unironed scarf will never give you a nice Hijab style.



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